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The Redwood Trees of Coastal California and Southern Oregon signify strength, longevity and endurance. This homage embodies the magnificence of these giants to highlight the necessary preservation we face today. Bring its invigorating life force into your home or special place, as a reminder to always cherish the forest. Glistening and glittering in the sun, these free hand sculpted glass trees are also reminiscent of sunlight trickling to the forest floor— making our eyes sparkle, hearts glow, and forests grow forever! These unique Redwood Trees are hand sculpted glass and will contain variations.


Custom and wholesale orders welcome please contact Bay Blown Glass for more info.

Redwood Tree

  • Heights range slightly by an inch and are priced based on size as follows:
    $270 - Small (roughly 9 inches tall) 
    $320 - Medium (roughly 12 inches tall) 
    $370 - Large (roughly 16 inches tall)

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