Artist Statement

We are two artists who collaborate to create beautiful and unique hand blown glassware and hand crafted sculptures for the world to enjoy. Living and working in as well as being inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area’s city-landscape, culture, arts, and community. We are drawn together by a great passion and love for the arts concentrating specifically in glass, its process and the qualities that it, as a material, has to offer. Each Piece we create is a 1 of a kind, with unique individual character, and hand crafted with love.

One of us is inspired by the perfect imperfections of people, places, and things. Enjoying places like the train tracks and the freeway. The quirkiness and honesty of it all. Liking to see the weeds grow out of the concrete and the graffiti on the walls. There is beauty and well roundedness created by cracked structures and crumbled empires. Wanting to see what isn’t meant to thrive, thrive a little. Things just feel better when organics intermingle with the structured. Glass is a rigid material it is also very pretty and elegant by nature. What I try to do with my work is bring together the density and elegance of glass’s natural properties and distort these naturally beautiful aspects through the works design. With having asymmetrical shapes and different surface textures I try to capture the beauty within the imperfect.

The other is driven by the duality of nature and the city along with the juxtaposition of people and places. Each contained within each other and understood through travel and exploration—weeds breaking through the cracks in a foreign country, skyscrapers constructed in the center of the city, or even pebbles admired in the middle of my garden... I am constantly in pursuit of the ultimate ideal of the natural world and the footprint of mankind. Yet all the while embracing the organic funk and imperfections of life and living through glass for being fluid yet stiff, timeless but temporal, captivating while transparent, malleable but fragile, illuminated and reflective. Thus glass being the ideal material for my ideas to be conveyed. My sculptural creations illustrate my interpretations and perspective through personal expression portrayed by highlighting the beauty and reflecting the importance of inspiration.

Dana Rottler

BFA Emphasis in glass 2010 from California College of the Arts and Crafts

Blowing glass since 2007

Peter Stucky

BFA Emphasis in glass 2011 from California College of the Arts and Crafts

Blowing glass since 2004