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Artist Statement

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“Transforming temporal experiences into timeless treasures. Our collaborative partnership is a dance expressed through the natural fluidity of glass. We aim to spark joy, share our passion, and inspire others through our playful sculptures and vibrant glassware.”

Bay Blown Glass creations embrace wild rainbow colors, fluid forms, and whimsical fantasies to captivate all. Inspired by natural wonder, their unique glassworks have an ability to capture the fleeting moments of euphoria for the world to hold on to. Creating tableware portraying freedom of expression and unique sculptures idealizing beauty is what makes Bay Blown Glass’s work exceptional.

Using traditional glass blowing techniques and free hand sculpting as their method of choice, Bay Blown Glass ensures each piece is truly one of a kind. After gathering from a pool of molten glass onto blow pipes and punty rods the glass is then manipulated by rolling, coloring, cutting, pulling, heating, cooling, twisting, blowing, and/or squeezing into their unique creations.

Peter Stucky and Dana Rottler began their journey together while studying for their BFA in Glass at California College of the Arts and Crafts. After graduating they went on to run PALY Fiery Arts, a non profit glass program at Palo Alto High School. There they were able to develop designs and hone their skills to create Bay Blown Glass. Currently they live and work in Vallejo California where they continue to push the envelope with there unique, one of a kind glass creations for the world to enjoy.

Dana Rottler
Peter Stucky

Artist Resume



Peter Stucky

2007-2011: California College of the Arts: Oakland, CA: Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis in Glass- Studied under Clifford Rainey

2005 Summer: Pilchuck Glass School: Stanwood, WA: Back to the basics with Randy Walker

2004-2005: Palo Alto High School: Palo Alto, CA. First hot shop experience


Dana Rottler

2006-2010: California College of the Arts Oakland, CA: Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis in Glass- Studied under Clifford Rainey





2021-2022: ACGA Clay & Glass Festival, July 9-10th


2021: ACCI Gallery-Bold Botanicals, May-June

2020-2021: Folsom Glass Pumpkin Patch, October 10-11th

2019: Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 24-25th

2018: Pacific Fine arts craft fairs:

-Los Altos Arts & Wine Festival, July 14-15th
-Ala Carte & Art, Mountain View, CA, May 5-6th
-West Portal Sidewalk Art Stroll, San Francisco, CA, April 13-15th -Handcrafted Originals Art Fair, Belmont, CA, March 24-25th


2022-Present: Benicia Art Glass Gallery, Owner, Benicia, CA


2020-Current: Artfulhome,

2020-Current: ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018-Current: High Frequency Arts, Fishers, IN

2016-Current: Pence Art Gallery, Davis, CA

2015-Current: Imogen Gallery, Astoria, CA

2015-2017: Peters Valley Gallery, Layton, NJ




2012- 2018: Palo Alto High School: Advanced Sculpture department: Ran PALY Fiery Arts Program, Instructional aid, TA students in Hot Shop. Design and Create glass product to fund PALY Fiery arts program. Help create PALY Fiery Arts

Booster Club, PTA ran booster to support PALY Fiery Arts Program.


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