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Rainbow Glasses celebrate life, color, and freedom by incorporating every shade of the rainbow in line with a twist. To form the wild striped pattern on these Rainbow Glasses, colored canes of glass are rolled up and sniped so that the colors comes to a point in the bottom of every glass. During each sip, it is as if a colored vortex is swirling throughout your drink. Each piece has its own specific color arrangement that will never again be replicated exactly, making it truly a unique drinking experience. No matter what you’re drinking, it is guaranteed to taste it’s best in hand blown glass. Plus all of our glass is dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze.


Each glass is handmade and will contain slight variations between pieces.


Price is per glass

Custom and wholesale orders welcome please contact Bay Blown Glass for more info.

Rainbow Glasses

  • Measures roughly 4.5 in tall, 3.25 in. as the widest diameter, and 2.75” as the lip diameter, and the price is for each glass.

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