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Glass is best in the garden. The ultimate glazed pots are glass Flower Pots. Utilizing traditional terra-cotta pot styles, these hand blown glass pots shimmer in the sun and are stunning on a windowsill. Enjoy a lush living room, create bedroom greenery, or fill your kitchen with fresh herbs in these unique planters. No need for a separate tray to retain water, as there are no holes in the bottom. For drainage concerns please place a few pebbles in before planting.


Each piece is hand crafted and will contain variations.


Guaranteed to compliment any plant and give a modern refresh to an old favorite.


Glass planter only, plants not included, fits most standard 3-4 inch plastic pots sold at your local nursery.


Can be used indoors or outdoors—however avoid shocking glass with extreme temperature changes such as spraying cold water in the hot sunshine directly onto the glass planter. Planters can be rained on and can withstand gradual temperature changes from 0-200'F.

Mirror Planter


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